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​To our international neighbors
Wakka is the one and only Japanese restaurant "和食レストラン" in this country that is owned and operated by a wheelchair chef. He has devoted himself to cooking authentic Japanese food for over 20 years, refining his skills by working at places such as stylish kappo* and sushi restaurants.


The chef is a true professional. At Wakka, you will be able to enjoy delicacies prepared with great care and luscious broth made from scratch – a unique experience you cannot find at restaurant chains.


It was a traffic accident in 2015 that changed his career. The accident left him with spinal injuries that paralyzed him from the breast down. Confined to a wheelchair, he ventured outside, only to find himself in a community that was far from inclusive.


It was then that he decided to create a diverse and inclusive community himself by using his cooking skills. He opened his own restaurant, Wakka, which welcomed its first guests in November 2018.


Wakka specializes in Japanese-style seafood dishes. It provides the perfect atmosphere, whether you are sharing a meal with your friends and family, or enjoying a quiet meal on your own.


Today, Wakka is always bustling with diverse guests from in and out of Chiba, from families to government officials, students, business people, seniors, wheelchair users, artists, creators, and many others. Events are also held periodically.


English may not be our first language, but we welcome any questions about our menu and ingredients. We also have allergy-free recipes as well as menus for those with chewing or swallowing difficulties. Wakka takes good care of guests with special dietary concerns.


Whether you grew up eating Japanese cuisine or this is your first time, if you are looking for a reasonably priced, authentic Japanese restaurant, please come to Wakka.


Your patronage is greatly appreciated.


*Kappo restaurants serve multi-course meals that are left entirely up to the chef.

わっ嘉 英語メニュー 画像
wakka menu わっ嘉 英語メニュー イラスト
​Ingredient pictogram
wakka pictogram わっ嘉 英語 ピクトグラム
​Chef's movie
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